Josh Sharp I've just upgraded my Nexus 4 to Lollipop (Android 5.0). I was pretty eager but now I'm a little underwhelmed. Many apps are crashy and I'm not keen on the new multitasking view. Material design is definitely nice, but not game-changing.
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Dave Walk I'm torn on it. I like Material design but it doesn't seem finished. Notifications is kind of a mess and I'm hoping they improve it.
Eric You're right saying it seems unfinished, for a while I thought I still had an alternative launcher installed since the home screen still feels pre-MD. The Notifications UI feature is confusing & all the useful shortcuts seem to have gone missing. MD really needs some work.
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Josh Sharp I just realised notifications no longer get a "ticker" along the top status bar, and now I'm very upset. Why would you kill something so useful?
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