Josh Sharp I like that the ellipses are now red, but I kinda wish that long posts weren't truncated in my feed. Rarely are they so long that they'd disrupt the flow, and I'd prefer a bit of visual variety in length anyway, vs clicking through to read the final three words that got cut off.
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🙄 Doug Belshaw Perhaps this works as a default, but there's then an option for a 'full fat' (i.e. untruncated) feed. Wonder what thinks?
🏒 Lucian Marin It doesn't work well on mobile phones. On desktop it's hard to quickly scan longer entries. Also, it's the writer responsibility to keep it short since Sublevel is not a blogging platform.
Matthew Hall five words :-)
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Josh Sharp I was amused at how close I was though!
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Belle Same, though I get the reasoning. I also find it annoying that each level of replies is a new page. I'd rather read all the replies in one detail view.
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