🗿 Jonah Tim ferris style question: best purchase of around 100USD (or equivalent currency) or less? I'll start. kindle paperwhite, read it every day before bed.
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🐸 Simon A 1L (32 oz) HydroFlask (approx. $50): the best water bottle I've ever had, can keep anything cool regardless of the temperature. Nothing ear (1) earphones ($99), good earphones with great noise-cancelling and amazing price. A Moment telephoto objective ($50) to use with my phone.
🗿 Jonah moment's a great company, plus they're based near Seattle where I am. currently contemplating on whether or not to buy another hydroflask- this may be a sign
🦇 Arr Non-IT: Good frying pan. Electronics: MX Mouse Anyhwere 3 was a nice upgrade since it has three pairing profiles and good mouse wheel haptics. Slightly out of the ordinary.
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🗿 Jonah I have found that crepe pans are amazing for sunny side up eggs. good to know with mx master, currently browsing for new peripherals
🏒 Lucian Marin Train tickets to amazing places. I went to see the sea on Sunday.
🗿 Jonah trains not as good in the US but taking one to visit family soon!
👨‍💻 Skyler What has been the best place you've visited in Europe by train?