🗿 Jonah read.cv is also well designed, check it out!
🏃 Lucian Marin I wanted to built something just like this but with job posts and private messages. I like how they integrated we worked at the same company at the same time.
🗿 Jonah that's really cool! do you have any other 'small internet'/unconventional social networks, tools or extensions? I am starting to spend more time on things like rep.ly and unfeeder and subreply readCV
🏃 Lucian Marin There was a public IRC/Slack but I shut it down. In addition to Unfeeder and Subreply, there are the 3 macOS apps which you can download for free. I will constantly improve Subreply because I enjoy it myself.
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🗿 Jonah cool, thanks for building this community!
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