Mark Dain So I wasn't able to load Pinboard's blog due to an SSL error (GNOME Web but it loaded in Firefox): and -- not sure I want to use Pinboard when the SSL is completely screwed up. Should I drop the admin an email? I don't know how to start writing that as it could come off as "your website sucks"
🤔 John Maciej may be somewhat busy touring the country trying to unionize tech workers, but he's generally pretty responsive. I see a couple of people have brought it to his attention on Twitter in the past. TBH I wouldn't worry too much unless you're bookmarking particularly sensitive info.
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Mark Dain I'm not so concerned if the score is A or B or something but I can't even load the blog because the setup is so bad my browser displays an error. The main site loads but it makes me worry the app or API may be on a subdomain with a setup as bad as the blog and that means I can't use my browser of choice (GNOME Web). FWIW, I've emailed Pinboard with a short email. Hopefully the issues can be resolved.
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🤔 John Ah, I misread that. I guess I'm not surprised that GNOME Web is more strict in terms of security.
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