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😃💬 Javier Is there is such thing as national US news site that is not politically biased?
Joseph No. But Associated Press is pretty good. Most other big news sources take their reports and spin it to their bias
📀 Rob What do you guys know about fitness? How does someone get "celebrity" fit?
Joseph Not much, but getting "celebrity" fit sounds like a waste of time. Just get normal healthy fit! Which is very hard but straightforward. It's just exercising regularly (cardio especially) and eating less junky food
Xy if you're looking for a new touring bike, are pretty solid for the price. i would replace the saddle and pedals, but their prices for a new bike are very good. camping equipment can be quite expensive, but fortunately once you're out on the road, you're really only paying for food and some camping sites here and there.
Joseph Thanks for recommendation. I'll bookmark it. It's going to have to be a next year thing. Currently saving money for skis and a ski pass. I just moved to Utah
☕✍️ David Antoine Nice way to put it! It is like the "everything is relative" by Einstein but not in the way the relative reference frame of special relativity is intended to be used :)
Joseph My English professor during college referred to this as the post modern shuffle. He said It is a way to get around saying anything or confronting anything.
Xy i really enjoy bike touring, so right now i have in the background. he's cycling across canada, currently on day of a ~3mo journey. i also like who is a harvard trained psychiatrist discussing mental health issues with streamers.
Joseph Have you done much bike touring yourself? Where have you gone? It's something I really want to get into but currently don't have the money for a new bike or equipment.
😾 Oskar Well, technology without use is inert, just a brick (stone being not thrown, electrical potential being not transformed etc.), devoted of any ethical considerations. Only after use it becomes deemed as 'good' or 'bad'. It's a human-object that fills it with this ethical consequence. It's actually process of transformation that lies at the hearth of the problem and this transformation is human induced. So if one would be inherently good, would he _ever_ misuse it?
Joseph I think we are kind of saying the same thing. I'm saying we are neither inherently good or bad because we both use for good and use for evil.
🗿 Simohamed Yes, in 3 months, I'll be a graduate. I would so happy to sever all ties with formal education.
Joseph It's way better on the other side, or at least it has been for me. The only thing I really miss is my friends because we all moved away from each other
🌚🐒 Nlggers If I recall correctly there was some work done a few years ago on the topic of a sort of "spacial association" that takes place in your mind. I believe the researchers who looked at this concluded there were different "mental modalities" depending on the associated activity of a space. Certainly if our home environments have differing associations it could go either way.
Joseph Kind of similar to the studies that are always saying you should only use your bed for sleep and not work/watching TV because it makes falling asleep harder. I've never really had a problem with that one specifically but certainly with other spaces I feel it. There is also the social and communicative aspect of being in an office I somewhat miss
😾 Oskar Technology is a form of art, formalized after N iterations. I doubt we can judge technology only in terms of STEM (utility). Morality is disconnected from technology per se as it's only a result of using it. Therefore, I would extend your argument into question whether human is inherently evil because he finds a way to misuse technology?
Joseph If we only found ways to misuse it I'd say we are evil. If misusing technology makes us inherently evil wouldn't good use of technology make us inherently good? Since we do both I'd say we can't be totally either.
👁️ Mbladra Ah I see. Any advice for someone about to start remote?
Joseph Get a good desk/chair and place to work if you don't already have it. I've been working on the couch and the kitchen table and it's pretty bad for my posture and also makes it harder to concentrate being in the middle of the house. I live with roommates, I don't know about you. Social wise I'd say just engage some small talk when you can here or there before/after meetings. Definitely introduce yourself at the start of meetings if there are people on it you haven't met.
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