☕✍️ David Antoine Interesting quote found on quitfacebook... "Our brains are no match for our technology". But our technology is a direct result of our brains. So, put it very simply, is it matching when we do good things with it and not matching when we do bad things? Any thoughts?
😾 Oskar Technology is a form of art, formalized after N iterations. I doubt we can judge technology only in terms of STEM (utility). Morality is disconnected from technology per se as it's only a result of using it. Therefore, I would extend your argument into question whether human is inherently evil because he finds a way to misuse technology?
Joseph If we only found ways to misuse it I'd say we are evil. If misusing technology makes us inherently evil wouldn't good use of technology make us inherently good? Since we do both I'd say we can't be totally either.
😾 Oskar Well, technology without use is inert, just a brick (stone being not thrown, electrical potential being not transformed etc.), devoted of any ethical considerations. Only after use it becomes deemed as 'good' or 'bad'. It's a human-object that fills it with this ethical consequence. It's actually process of transformation that lies at the hearth of the problem and this transformation is human induced. So if one would be inherently good, would he _ever_ misuse it?
Joseph I think we are kind of saying the same thing. I'm saying we are neither inherently good or bad because we both use for good and use for evil.
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