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replace `df` now: github.com/muesli/duf
Are you all using fraidyc.at ?
I just started. Is there something I don't? Don't know whether you intended to sound so ominous. :-D
For anyone interested in reading a book together, I made a discussion post on Goodreads for gathering book suggestions: goodreads.com/topi... feel free to join!
What do you mean by care of young minds? Are you talking about strictly psychological care or something more tangible such as UBI or a guaranteed job?
Deliberate, humble, knowledge-backed (absolutely ), consistent (at scale; not immutable), loving parenting. Mostly. So, yeah, psychological. I'm not saying there aren't other factors: just that I honestly believe that damaged minds play an underestimated role in much of what we'd like to change about any significant gathering of people.
I've always been pro legalization of drugs. All drugs! It would reduce crime, mass incarceration, and save a ton of money. Also, people should be allowed to do whatever they want to their own bodies. More recently, I have come to realize that legalizing wouldn't solve the largest problem of all: why people get addicted in the first place. It would just make it easier for people that are addicted to obtain more and more drugs, potentially leading them to an earlier OD.
Yeah, I go back 'n' forth on how much the care (or lack thereof) of young minds is at the root of most of society's problems. It isn't valued, as a discipline, yet, but norms seem to change at the human-lifetime scale, so I'm hopeful (today).
I should try it...sometimes thinking too much makes the anxiety worse
I too struggle with anxiety, and wish I was disciplined enough to give meditation a good go. (I'm reading How To Change Your Mind by Pollan now, so that is front and centre again.) Years of psychotherapy have helped, but, what's helped just as much, if not more, is a year on anti-depressants. I don't advocate anything outright -- I've regressed a lot in lockdown, for example -- except exploring all your options.
No, is it good?
I loved it, when I read it about 15 years ago. With hindsight, and looking at your (extensive) list, I do wonder whether you might find it a mediocre summary of topics covered better in other texts. I do remember Bernstein tying the narrative together nicely, though.
Hehe i don't like to own things. So you are not stealing anything from moi!
Seconding Kernel's comments. :-) Google actually released that SRE book freely earlier this year; I can send you a copy, if you can't find it. I'm also reading How To Change Your Mind right now. Oh, and have you read Against The Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk?
Forever starting new projects and never finishing the old ones.
Me too. It's slowed a bit, with kids, but the pattern's the same. Trying to decide whether this is really such a bad thing.
Recommend NewsBlur. Open Source software, run as a service. Been around for probably 10 years?
Seconded. Great service. Yeah, that's about how long I've been with them as well. Since Google canned Reader.
Readup : Social Reading
Looks interesting -- thanks!
is anyone here on Urbit?
Hadn't even heard of it. Sounds interesting.
It doesn't run as smooth on all my devices. I wish the graph view had some more options (showing tags and allowing more sorting). Also I don't like that there is a separate edit and a preview mode, when I'm taking lecture notes I want to be able to see inserted figures immediately. What do you think?
Ah, interesting. I'm still in the early stages with it, to be honest. Runs really well on Linux, from my experience. I haven't really used the graph functionality much at all, and I didn't even take in that other mode distinction; pretty much working exclusively with text right now. I came to Obsidian as a means of building a zettelkasten; it, and my process, are both very much still in their infancy.
I think that orgzly, which is an android implementation of the emacs org-mode deserves a mention here
Ooo, cheers for that; wasn't aware. I want to start looking at this, and Android compatibility has pushed it up the To Do list. :-)
Currently using org-roam in Emacs. It's pretty good, though I think it would make more sense if I was also more invested in Emacs outside of org-roam.
Ah, interesting. That's exactly where I would be as well, I'd imagine. (I've been considering it, but haven't started, and am much more comfortable with vi.)
Currently experimenting with non-linear notetaking using Obsidian.md. It's the free version of Roam.
Me too. What do you think so far? I'm very happy that spellchecking has been included recently. (Even if it is just a single dictionary.)