i checked the list of people here and i stumbled upon you profile 'cuz i'm going to amsterdam. I noticed your website. It reminds me of my days with a C64. Great website, gratz!
Thank you very much! I had a peek at your personal website and really like the minimalistic style. The 'buy me a book' idea is very good, I might steal that actually. Added you to my linklog :)
Hehe i don't like to own things. So you are not stealing anything from moi!
Seconding Kernel's comments. :-) Google actually released that SRE book freely earlier this year; I can send you a copy, if you can't find it. I'm also reading How To Change Your Mind right now. Oh, and have you read Against The Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk?
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No, is it good?
I loved it, when I read it about 15 years ago. With hindsight, and looking at your (extensive) list, I do wonder whether you might find it a mediocre summary of topics covered better in other texts. I do remember Bernstein tying the narrative together nicely, though.