What is your note taking method/workflow ? And what tools do you use ?
Currently experimenting with non-linear notetaking using Obsidian.md. It's the free version of Roam.
Me too. What do you think so far? I'm very happy that spellchecking has been included recently. (Even if it is just a single dictionary.)
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It doesn't run as smooth on all my devices. I wish the graph view had some more options (showing tags and allowing more sorting). Also I don't like that there is a separate edit and a preview mode, when I'm taking lecture notes I want to be able to see inserted figures immediately. What do you think?
Ah, interesting. I'm still in the early stages with it, to be honest. Runs really well on Linux, from my experience. I haven't really used the graph functionality much at all, and I didn't even take in that other mode distinction; pretty much working exclusively with text right now. I came to Obsidian as a means of building a zettelkasten; it, and my process, are both very much still in their infancy.