👨‍💻 Matthieu V. I really glad social networks exists, I would have not known a lot but I feel like I never have anything to say, no opinion to display, am I alone in this case ? Am I condemned to be part of the "silent majority" ?
Jan I used to have an opinion on everything, but now I barely post anymore. When I'm about to post an opinion I think, "Why would anyone care about my opinion?", and when I go to post something factual, I think, "They can just google that themselves." Oh well, I guess the less you post, the less chances you have to say something stupid.
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👨‍💻 Matthieu V. This was exactly the mindset I was ! Now I try to interact more, respectfully, just in case it could interest others but I focus a bit much on the fact that most of the time my answers goes under the radars ! :D
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The Last I think the next phase would be "I have an opinion, no one would care, but I don't give a sh*t about that and post it anyway".
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