✝️ Jerrod Gamotan A habitable planet can't come into existence by random events. How much more likely the atom? Nothing can't create everything, & both are an impossibility if it were not for the sovereign grace of God. Hear the gospel & repent before it's too late! NeedGod.com
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😃 Javier Yes it can. We believe in the atom and yet we cannot see it. Creation is a human construct, things always existed and they are in a ever changing flux. Everything is possible (quantum mechanics). Hear reason and no worries, we are part of the universe, we share the same rules that rule galaxies and by no means, thankfully, are in control.
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🗨️ Fui Why repent? Repent for what? Whatever is was not created by me. Besides, too late for what? When it ends, it ends
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Zero Edge No matter what you believe either something always existed or something was made from nothing.. Our minds cannot comprehend this... to deny that there is "more" to this existence than purely physical is more "scientific" than a random event of chaos creating everything. Not to mention what created the laws of the universe? Believing in a creator is not a "leap". Believing that all was created through an act of "random" is.
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👨🏻‍💻 Moroni Strangely, it's so much easier to believe in randomness. Or to no care at all. I struggle with that since my teenage years.
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