Ok, here I am with my first post on Subreply. Hello! I'm currently looking at boxes that I've packed in preparation for my impending move
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Good luck with the move, Jeff. Hope to be down on the south(east) coast some day soon. I miss the air!
Thanks Matt. It's certainly a lovely part of the country down here!
Hello! Great to see you here! Best wishes for the move
Hello DD! Spend all my working days dealing with people that are moving, and now it's my turn.
Getting out of the city?
Hi ya! Not really. Moving closer to the city centre really, but it's a brand new building
Welcome. Moving is a bit of a hassle, hope it goes well.
You're right there, 42 years ago I last moved. So try not to do it too often
Hooray! You've joined!
Hi Brenda. Oh yes I'm here. On a learning curve working out what does what, but it's good to be here
hey! good luck with the move
+1 moving can be quite stressful - I've found ordering pizza to be a good way to get you settled and relaxed in the new place
Thanks Tom. It's a couple of months away yet, but lots to do, especially this packing lark