Ice If you could, how would you personally improve the UX of this site?
Mihail So far i'm impressed by the UX. I'd like to be able to see more context (original post + replies) in the search section. The replies on their own don't mean much without the context.
2y, 36w 8 replies
🏎️ Fast +1 a small context shadow above would be 100%
2y, 36w 6 replies
2y, 36w 5 replies
🏎️ Fast is this gonna be the new "likes" now... lol
2y, 36w 4 replies
📉 Bill I don't know of any other way to agree with you easily so i guuesss so? lol it's kind of refreshing with no up/downvotes
2y, 36w 2 replies
🏎️ Fast really hope ppl will not start "-1"ing
2y, 36w 1 reply
2y, 36w reply
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