Jakub Janarek Polish presidential election results - thoughts?
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🍃 Matt Harwood Sad result. Duda's comments such as "[being gay] is more destructive than communist indoctrination" mean a further step back for a country where the young want a more liberal, inclusive future.
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😾 Oskar Niby czlowiek wiedzial, a jednak sie ludzi. Well, it's a win for current president for sure, but looking at pools it's clearly visible that social mandate for his party programs is actually dropping. They are not gaining anybody new with all of those money spent and _marketing_ made, just old electorate voting as the vote for last 10-15 years. I am more concerned for elections in incoming years seeing as PL gets more and more into some weird concept of nationalism.
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Michael U. Close result. Seems he got a lot of votes from the right wing. Interesting situation.
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