I'm really tempted to make a wierd language for my worldbuilding thing. I can't stop thinking about the idea of a language that is half spoken and half signlanguage. Talking to someone and giving them context or other only mildly relevant information with your hands while vocalizing the important parts... Time to figure out how to do conlangs I guess haha
Super into this. I had the idea of an "aural culture" pop into my head for a campaign I cam creating and that phrase stuck with me. What would it mean for a culture to be known for its listening skills?
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That's a good question. This idea formed when thinking about communities living around a regular Krakatoa event but much milder. The sign language being baked into the language would be a way to hedge your bets. So in my world "aural culture" would be kids enjoying the little things like the birds, rain, wind rustling leaves. The hearing loss event would be like a coming of age thing, with those living farther away seen as weak for not 'sacrificing' hearing for fertile land.
In love with this Dan. What game is this for?