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Just discovered Anki and space repetition. I'm shocked that I hadn't encountered this at all in several years of teacher training and in any college of ed courses that I took. This makes so much sense as a learning framework. Now I just wanna know all the things.
Not a fan of complaining, but Patreon customer service is impressively poor. Extremely slow responses. They disabled by account because I had forgotten my password, then deleted my account, and still billed me.
I died when it said "according to Angelfire": youtube.com/watch?...
I miss The Outline. "Few atrocities have been committed by people lying in bed, whereas the urge to Do Something has led to serious catastrophe. Productivity is extremely dangerous." theoutline.com/pos...
"Browsing Twitter the other day, I once again found myself sucked into a far-off event that truly does not matter, and it occurred to me that social media is an orthographic camera." robinsloan.com/not...
Anyone use Espanso for text expansion/replacement? So far it is running really smoothly for me and I am loving it. espanso.org
This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I've been using a vista era program called "enso" by humanized. Not exactly the same as this but I've been religiously using it for text substitution custom commands. On the fly translations or even doing calculations of highlighted text. Espanso looks shiny and new so now I'm excited!
I have been having ring finger pain from the way I use my trackpad. Keys for Safari is such a wonderful extension that allows you to click on any age link with a quick two key shortcut. This almost allows me to navigate entirely from the keyboard and I love it. github.com/patrick...
The Pixel Painter is a beautiful story about intergenerational computer usage. I love this short film and return to it often when I need a little inspiration. vimeo.com/70748579
Brothertiger, one of my top 10 favorite artists released a new album today and it is very enjoyable. His music is kind of a blend of Peter Gabriel with Tycho and some Tears for Fears (he actually did a full album cover of theirs) vibes. Give it a listen if that interests you: open.spotify.com/a...
Do you play any TTRPGs or board games? What do you play?
I used to do role-playing games with my friends. It was loads of fun.
Try yucata.de for web implementations of board games. I've been playing a lot of Oracle of Delphi there.
Anyone watch Buzzfeed Unsolved? I binge watched so many yesterday and my brain is fried.
Hey, I'm back. Great job with the layout improvements !
I took me some time to come up with the new design too.
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