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✨ Jacoby Just discovered Anki and space repetition. I'm shocked that I hadn't encountered this at all in several years of teacher training and in any college of ed courses that I took. This makes so much sense as a learning framework. Now I just wanna know all the things.
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😀 Tom I'm using my web browser on my phone to look for an app. I find the app I'm looking for, so then I look around my desk for my phone so that I can pull up the app in the app store, and I can't find my phone >.< It took me longer than it should have. It reminds me of the time I was looking for my eye glasses, they were literally in front of my eyes.
✨ Jacoby I had a gallon of water in my hand the other day and I was simultaneously looking for where I put it. The human brain--so powerful and so weak at the same time.
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🧉 Martin Finally updated my /now page. Anyone else have one? If so, share! :) martinrue.com/now
✨ Jacoby Just found your site and I really loved your article Why Read? Thank you for sharing and elaborating on something that has been on my mind lately!
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✨ Jacoby Not a fan of complaining, but Patreon customer service is impressively poor. Extremely slow responses. They disabled by account because I had forgotten my password, then deleted my account, and still billed me.
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✨ Jacoby I died when it said "according to Angelfire": youtube.com/watch?...
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🗨ī¸ Keb I tried it briefly last month, and thought the format was refreshing. However, I reverted to Inoreader as I find it more powerful. I would like to switch to a more minimal RSS reader that does not require a browser addon, however.
✨ Jacoby My favorite for RSS is Readkit. No account is required with anyone.
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✨ Jacoby I miss The Outline. "Few atrocities have been committed by people lying in bed, whereas the urge to Do Something has led to serious catastrophe. Productivity is extremely dangerous." theoutline.com/pos...
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✨ Jacoby "Browsing Twitter the other day, I once again found myself sucked into a far-off event that truly does not matter, and it occurred to me that social media is an orthographic camera." robinsloan.com/not...
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✨ Jacoby Anyone use Espanso for text expansion/replacement? So far it is running really smoothly for me and I am loving it. espanso.org
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👉 LÊo My hobby: finding words that fit to arbitrary rules for no reason. Examples: words that contain all five major vowels (evacuation), long words that have only one vowel multiple times (stronghold), words in which the singular form ends in S (species). I like to do that in Portuguese and English... I don't know, it's just fun.
✨ Jacoby Sounds like you might enjoy Oulipo word/writing games. They are also called constraints. languageisavirus.c...
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Anon T. Text alone can convey the message its all you need. I like this place everyone seems nice and chill
✨ Jacoby Fully agreed.
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Anthony Cast Try yucata.de for web implementations of board games. I've been playing a lot of Oracle of Delphi there.
✨ Jacoby Very nice. Thank you. I will try to get on a game here soon.
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🗨ī¸ Fui Founder effect?
✨ Jacoby It's an idea from genetics where you lose variation in a gene pool when a small population establishes something new. Based on presentation alone and the very different features Subreply offers, a certain kind of crowd seems to be attracted to this platform. That is perhaps why I am seeing multiple calls for open sourcing where I don't see in other corners of my web experience.
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Derrick by open sourcing a pet project like this, the developer can share more than just the presentation of the product (which we are using) but also the full extent of engineering that powers it... you already grasp that part, so the question of incentive or who owes what - obviously owes nobody anything - but if he did [and now i ironically hit the limit so cannot expand much more; but if his code was open we could take a look at how to do such things as extending limits!]
✨ Jacoby I see. Thank you for responding and for clarifying. You were not the only one that is calling for this, but it did make me curious. I believe we have an interesting founder effect situation happening with who is being drawn to such a minimal social network. I am genuinely intrigued by the calls to improve experiences here. Thank you again!
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✨ Jacoby I have been having ring finger pain from the way I use my trackpad. Keys for Safari is such a wonderful extension that allows you to click on any age link with a quick two key shortcut. This almost allows me to navigate entirely from the keyboard and I love it. github.com/patrick...
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Derrick Subreply should open source itself
✨ Jacoby Hello. I only loosely understand the history of open source so I am asking this completely from a place of curiosity. Why should? What would this do? Do developers owe extra work to others? Is it just generally the appropriate thing to do with a creation like Subreply? Thank you.
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