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I have been having ring finger pain from the way I use my trackpad. Keys for Safari is such a wonderful extension that allows you to click on any age link with a quick two key shortcut. This almost allows me to navigate entirely from the keyboard and I love it. github.com/patrick...
The Pixel Painter is a beautiful story about intergenerational computer usage. I love this short film and return to it often when I need a little inspiration. vimeo.com/70748579
Brothertiger, one of my top 10 favorite artists released a new album today and it is very enjoyable. His music is kind of a blend of Peter Gabriel with Tycho and some Tears for Fears (he actually did a full album cover of theirs) vibes. Give it a listen if that interests you: open.spotify.com/a...
Do you play any TTRPGs or board games? What do you play?
I used to do role-playing games with my friends. It was loads of fun.
Try yucata.de for web implementations of board games. I've been playing a lot of Oracle of Delphi there.
Anyone watch Buzzfeed Unsolved? I binge watched so many yesterday and my brain is fried.
Hey, I'm back. Great job with the layout improvements !
I took me some time to come up with the new design too.
"What does a quiet website look like?" - asks manuelmoreale.com/...
Totally late to the party but Every Frame a Painting and Royal Ocean Film Society have truly great YouTube channels.
golden.com as a Wikipedia/WolframAlpha competitor is pretty interesting. What do y`all think about a for-profit company taking on a foundation/public good?
I think it will imply some trust issues. Should I trust the GoldenAI contributions? What is the source of its data?
I`ve been off the main social networks for the last 6 months and it has been bliss but a little quiet.
Whoa. This is exactly what I have been looking for.
Thanks for the kind email and joining Subcafe.
How did you find it?