John Olinda I just switched my RSS from an old, free Heroku instance to Feedly. Such speed. Wow.
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Adam Douglas I just don't bother with RSS any more. I liked Google Reader's UI but even when it existed I never used it. I collated my feeds and pretty much never looked at them again. I rather just lurk on a few forums and occasionally comment. Saddens me that so many communities are getting quieter and quieter thanks to social media.
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John Olinda I just enjoy RSS because it's just me and my news. I have no desire to share the experience with anyone unless I explicitly choose to do so through my blog or some other outlet. Just like my dad would read the paper, I guess. Also, it's portable, so when my Heroku instance just wasn't working well enough anymore I exported my feeds and imported them into a new service.
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Martijn After the Google Reader shutdown I do not trust free RSS providers any more, so I am running Do you use some RSS client with Feedly, or just their website/extension?
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John Olinda Yeah, using Press and Reeder.
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Mark Dain RSS sorta died for me when Google Reader disappeared. I've tried other RSS services and somehow they just aren't what I'm looking for
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