John Olinda Talking to my ISP last night and trying to explain through a translator that my modem says "line disconnected" even when the line is clearly connected and they're asking me why they can't see my modem... Isn't it because the line is... *puts on sunglasses* disconnected? I always expect more competence from telecom workers but even here in Korea I find myself disappointed.
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Martijn My trick is to ask for support in English. That almost always gets me an actual techsupport guy on the line instantly. Of course this might only work in central Europe.
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Eric My record is 5 days of phone calls with BT to explain that the fault must be their side (I was correct btw). I think the most frustrating thing with dealing with telecom tech support is that every time you get passed onto someone new they tend to begin with the basics again, eg. turning it off and on again, something you've done already with the 15+ other people before them.
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John Olinda I got to the point in one call where I just started pretending to do it.
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