John Olinda Our school uses Slack, and the future of Slack is of course something that concerns me. Native, closed apps tend to be so much better though that it is hard to justify using open but clunkier standards. has been a pleasant exception to this though.
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Mark Dain How is sublevel an exception? Sublevel is closed source
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John Olinda Sorry, I meant that it is not native but still very nice to use. Didn't realize I had conflated two ideas there.
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Martijn Are schools allowed to use Slack? Re: privacy of students etc. Personally I wouldn't want to use a system that cannot be hosted in-house. I used to work on Moodle at my old high school, and while it was never going to be my favourite system ever at least it ran on their own infrastructure.
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John Olinda Yes, we primarily use it for faculty and staff comms, but students have their own separate team. Basically, anyone over 13 is allowed to join but the administrators of the team must be 18. We use it much less for students now that Google Classroom is getting better but it has proven tremendously useful.
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