John Olinda OK the Pebble Time looks very nice.
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Dongsung Kim Pebble Time Steel is up, and it looks much nicer.
7y, 29w 1 reply
John Olinda Yes, very nice!
7y, 29w reply
😀 Tom It's probably more cost effective to pay the Kickstarter fee than the interest on a loan or give up equity for VC funding as well as have the added benefit of the publicity of its Kickstarter funding success.
7y, 30w reply
Martijn It does, though I still not see it filling a need in my day-to-day life. Why Kickstarter though?
7y, 30w 2 replies
John Olinda Yeah, I don't know. Maybe just a publicity thing? Or making it feel like "the People's Smartwatch"?
7y, 30w reply
Dongsung Kim Pebble has been the best/biggest Kickstarter campaign ever, so I guess it's 'going back to the root' sort of thing.
7y, 30w reply