John Olinda do you recommend any places to visit over New Year's?
Dongsung Kim Nowhere near Seoul station nor any bus terminal for starters. ;) If it's in Seoul we're talking about, I'd suggest gyeongboggung or namsangolhanogmaeul. They are all beautiful just to sightsee, and during the holidays usually some special events would be held.
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John Olinda Yeah we went to deogsugung right after we moved here and haven't gotten to see either of the sites you suggested yet, so we'll have to see if we can get over there. Do they tend to be pretty crowded over the holiday? We did so much exploring in the fall, I am getting antsy with hardly leaving bongceon the past month.
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Dongsung Kim I presume a lot of people would be there, not as much as bosingag though.
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John Olinda OK, thanks!
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