John Olinda Teacher came to me complaining that the WiFi wasn't working in their building. Turned their laptop on and noticed the wireless switch on the laptop was in the "off" position. Turned it on. Dark magic, I know.
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Eric An old family laptop had this in button form right next to the keyboard, an annoying place to have it. If you had larger hands (like me) you'd unwittingly tap it with your wrist while typing. It was a shallow button too, so it would give little feedback to warn you. Manual WiFi switches - why have them?
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John Olinda I really like them for speed since it is so much quicker than fiddling with software, but now with Windows 8.1 it is way easier to go into airplane mode, so there isn't as much utility anymore for most people. I love my keyboard though, so for me a toggle key up top is the best compromise.
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Dongsung Kim WiFis, how do they work???
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