John Olinda Any of you messed around with Peerio much?
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Martijn Haven't used it. Glanced over the website and the fact that I can't read about what encryption they are using (other than it being 'end-to-end') really irks me. Them writing Peerio is 'professionally audited' without linking to any such audit doesn't strengthen their impression on me. The website seems to have been build for marketing more so than informing their users.
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Mark Dain Exactly! Seeing "it's encrypted!" Is like saying you use military grade encryption because you use AES. It's really not the same thing.
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John Olinda Yeah, I am fooling around with it, just not for anything sensitive obviously. I know his intention is for it to be very simple to use, but I would have liked to see the audit reports too. Wired did a big writeup on it and mentioned the audit too.
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