John Olinda Haha, so I *just* started a Spaces group and found out Google's canning it
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Mark Dain I'd strongly urge you to never build anything on top of a Google product or platform. Ever. Always look for an alternative. There's some exceptions that feel safe like Golang or NaCl but anything that isn't in Google's core products (search, ads, chrome, gmail) is subject to cancellation, API breakage, and general shittiness; especially for customer support. Even paid stuff, like Google Site Search was recently announced as cancelled. Please don't ever use Google products, you'll just encourage the constant rise/fall tide.
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Martijn Could they be "canning it" because of the recent plans to bring to desktop?
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John Olinda Perhaps, but then what happens to Hangouts? I was very disappointed when Hangouts lost most XMPP compatibility, which is what might have sustained it with Allo as a "closed" alternative. But now, I guess it'll be targeted at enterprise?
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👽 Lucian Marin They said they learnt a lot from Spaces experiment, but I doubt they learnt anything. I wouldn't trust anything social with Google, except email.
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