John Olinda Getting internet connectivity at our new house has been ridiculously difficult. First we are told we need a ground literally just in the ground. Then we need a ground attached to the house's electrical system. Preferably a new meter. Today the electricians are coming out to install an external ground. We shall see, but my data plan can't take much more of this...
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🏒 Lucian Marin Luckily Sublevel doesn't use that much data so you can keep us posted of what's happening.
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😀 Tom If you all can keep a "secret" (and by that, I mean not sharing to any popular websites for fake internet points/celebrity): (There used to be a similar deal with an educational institute, but an RV blog found out, posted it, and the usage was so huge, they canceled the program a month later.) ("Unlimited" 4G offer available in the US only.)
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