John Olinda I really like the Io Language website's About page
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Nkrs Io is a really interesting language. It is very easy to master and if you want a weekend project, it is also very easy to make a simple Io-like language interpreter (I'm actually borrowing some of its ideas for my language project). Sadly, it isn't very popular - the main implementation is buggy and not very fast (comparing to something like Lua or Ruby or Python - and for a very good reason: Io is a simple AST walker while these have optimizations). Still, it's a very interesting project. There exists a language called Ioke that is very similar to Io, but runs on the JVM -
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Martijn Why would I want anything running on JVM?
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🏒 Lucian Marin The programming language seems interesting too, like clojure (lisp) without all those annoying brackets.
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