John Olinda What do you all think of the idea of creating a chat bot that becomes a grief counselor for your loved ones after you die?
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☕ David Antoine I wouldn't want that to be used, just for the fact that you are not supposed to talk to dead people, even virtually with a bot in that case. It's creepy. What about mourning your loss ? I feel it's more sane to talk about someone who passed away with living people, who eventually cared about him/her as well. I don't think it is better to speak with a bot than talk about a loss with someone alive. I find that morbid (no pun intended). Acknowledging death is also what makes us appreciate life even more I think. But if it can be helpful for some people why not, it's a personal choice after all. Not sure if it is an healthy one i.m.h.o.
John Olinda He didn't really go into it, but as I imagine it, the bot would not be there to simulate you as a continuation of your living personality. Instead it would represent what you would want to tell people dealing with your death. A combination of the letters people sometimes write to be opened only after their death and an interactive will.