John Olinda Do any of you use GNUsocial?
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Martijn I sometimes see come up as a place where people have their GNU social pages. Kevin Marks ( from has a page there (, but I think he too is only cross-posting there instead of using it primarily. I don't think it ever caught on outside of the anarchist and activist communities, who want their anonymity guaranteed and no censoring by the companies who own the other social networks.
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John Olinda Yeah, that seemed to be the majority of people I saw.
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Nkrs I remember trying it out while it was still called Now it looks radically different now compared to when I tried it, though, more like Facebook and less like Twitter. Is it any good?
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John Olinda I'm not really sure. I signed up out of curiosity and haven't had too much time to explore yet. I'm just hoping to find some people on there that I know as "anchors" so I can branch out from there. Then again, I made several new friends signing up for Sublevel, and I didn't really know anyone on here at the time. Maybe that'll happen again? I feel like so few social networks really realize the vision of meeting new people. Sublevel's been my best experience with that, partly due to the IRC channel last year.
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