John Olinda I feel like we're headed for the year where everything is an Electron application.
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Martijn Another thing I have noticed Electron applications bring to the software market: Google Analytics. Seriously people!?
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Nkrs I loved Visual Basic 6 because it could, even for a more complex program or a game with graphics, produce small binaries that could run on any Windows box. For me, this was a good fit - I could make a program, compile it, then copy the executable file to a floppy disk (with room to spare) and give it to my friends. Every Electron app that I've encountered is about 100 megabytes in size. Regardless of what anyone thinks, this is not progress.
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Xasasfdasfd Amen to that. I'm probably showing my age again, but everything since VB3 has been downhill. Maybe everything since the GUI.
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😀 Tom I learned to program with VB6. Good times.
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