John Olinda I want my phone to be a pocketable Jarvis. I can hand off information to it to be dealt with intelligently, but without polling distant servers. It can collect lots of information about me, for me. I love cloud-based tech, but sometimes I wish we had veered in a more distributed direction. A direction where tech is as comfortable offline as online.
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Xasasfdasfd Not gonna happen, no matter how feasible. If your info is all in your own pocket, instead of on the cloud, it can't be used for marketing to you and tracking you.
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Mark Dain I wonder how much processing power that requires? It would be ideal if data was kept on our devices and not in the cloud
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John Olinda I know it really impressed me some of the things that Google was able to come up with based on data that I shared with it, but it would be awesome if my own devices could do that on a personal scale. More like ambient awareness, for lack of a better phrase?
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Martijn I feel like it is what everyone wants, but no investors want to pay for.
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