John Olinda So I installed a Windows XP virtual machine specifically for playing a game called Birth of the Federation that I used to play with my brother as a kid. I believe it uses the same engine as Orion, but is based in the Star Trek universe. I'm remembering how we used to get so drawn in by it. At the time we only had one desktop computer and it wasn't connected to the internet, so the game was restricted to single-player. We used to rotate between playing and advising. Lots of good memories and still tons of fun to play after all these years.
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Martijn TotalBiscuit has been talking about the Orion remake a lot. Maybe I'll give that a try. I have never really played any of those big 4X games.
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John Olinda I haven't messed with it in years but man is it clicking back into place in my brain. Except I can tell I play differently now.
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