John Olinda Linux is so awesome unless you need something like Lightroom.
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Mark Dain Yep! This is what pushed me towards OS X; I can get much of what I loved about Linux (for me, it was all command line stuff) but I also get to run a lot of software that I used on Windows. Imagine vim+photoshop on the same machine. What a killer combination. Although nowadays it's vim+pixelmator+sketch
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John Olinda Yeah, I'm hoping to get a Thinkpad T450s or a MacBook Pro sometime this year. For the time being I'm just making what I have work as long as possible. I just hadn't realized how attached I'd become to the Lightroom work flow until I tried using some of the Linux tools.
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Adam Douglas Won't it run under WINE?
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Martijn No serious software runs under wine, in my experience.
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