John Olinda I'm getting so sick of seeing "John Oliver explains..." posts everywhere.
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Adam Douglas It would be preferable if it was "[subject] explained" rather than using his irrelevant name in the title. Haven't seen his work so cannot comment on his competence.
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Martijn His name is relevant only because he shares it with the TV show: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. HBO officially calls the different show segments "John Oliver on [subject]". They never use the word explained though, as, of course, it all comes from the show's writers' perspectives.
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Mark Dain Would you prefer "John Olinda explains..."? :P
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Martijn Why? I think he is pretty good at what he does.
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John Olinda It's not that he isn't good, it's just that I don't like seeing a trend toward "Here, I don't want to explain this, so watch this." But I'm also a history teacher, so I'm sure that colors my thinking a little bit.
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