John Olinda Biggest draw of the iPad Pro and Surface Pro for me is the stylus support for drawing while teaching and annotating docs. So while Frasier's article is tongue-in-cheek, it really is a serious disadvantage of traditional laptops which I prefer in almost every other way.
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Adam Douglas "Who wants a stylus?" ~ Steve Jobs, unveiling the iPhone in 2007. Granted, phones and tablets differ in terms of use case, but I don't really see the use case of the tablet as a concept. I had an iPad some time ago, and initially it was very cool. The touchscreen latency was bearable, and typing on the screen as I would on a keyboard was quite charming. As time went on, I rapidly grew to hate the app-isation of everything. The problem with the Surface Pro is Windows.
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Mark Dain "you'll surely find the lack of a rear camera on the MacBook Pro a limitation" I can't take this seriously!
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John Olinda He wrote it satirically. Basically as if it was being judged in comparison to the other device.
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