🏛️ Brandon Pittman It doesn't matter how many times Medium tries to get me to sign up, it's never gonna happen.
😒 Isoprep Medium, Quora, and lest we forget, Pinterest. I hate how much Medium tries to get me to sign in to read stories or to upgrade to read more than 5 articles a month. It gets tired when I have to ration my free articles for the month like it's Unobtanium, and we all know just how low-quality most Medium articles are. What I do is save Medium links to Pocket, which somehow doesn't count against my free 5 articles.
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👂 Sly If you're using Firefox, you can take advantage of the containers feature and open articles in new containers every time you reach the 5 articles limit.
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💻 Kenneth Jensen Did not know about this! I reckon one could create a bunch of profiles in their browser or a bunch of different user accounts on one's PC, but both are clunky. What about archive.is?
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