What are your tricks of 'getting things done' ? For me washing the dishes and 7 minutes workout.
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That's difficult for me. I feel like I lack self motivation, and sometimes I have an irrational fear of getting things done. I just keep expanding or perfecting something that already works, or find random projects to work on instead of doing actual work. Meditation has helped me in the past, but recently I've been procrastinating even that! I guess my one "trick" would be to have a HARD due date. Like a mean boss wants to see this done by next week or they'll yell at me.
To get things done, just do not think about it: tiffanymatthe.com/...
It's not easy not to think about things, but it's true that it's effective
A 12 minute timer. I look at a task (folding laundry, doing dishes, etc) and tell myself I only have to do it for 12 minutes. It's not even a full quarter hour, so I can add in some bonus time if the timer beeps and I only need a couple minutes to finish up. Would you say more about your 7 minute workout?
Oh good one you have. I'll try this as well. 7 Minute Workout is a Fitness App on stores basically exercise for 7 mins.
Although I fail to do it so often, i have a little "30 minute rule" where if something takes less than half an hour to do - i have to do it instantly. Laying in bed and remember you haven't sorted your laundry out? save yourself the anxiety about procrastination and get it over and done with.
I've used this technique every often and it is working like magic.
If I'm doing the dishes willingly, I know I'm deep into procrastinating.