c++ developer and tai chi apprentice. Mexican and American and living in the US
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Becoming older is interesting. I just realised that I haven't had a bath in nearly 10 years, just showers. Haven't had a cup of tea in 5 years either, mostly just water or juices. It's like I've quit things but instead of making a point to stop, you just kinda forget to do it for a decade
I just discovered after many years (around 20) of not having flan, how much I enjoy the thing. Now I'm having at least one every week.
I looked into Zig today but even the HelloWorld changes in each version because they can't decide on the naming. Sorry, I have to wait for the 1.0 then.
Zig tries to be an alternative to C which is daunting, to say the least. I want to experiment with Zig to sharpen low level skills.
I've been trying to read more lately... Any book suggestions? Give me something depressing
A canticle for leibowitz (when an abandoned technical diagrams and documentation become the sacred scriptures)
How is everyone today?
Once a week I go to my deli in the morning and ask for egg-chees-bacon-on-a-kaiser-roll and she always repeats back to me: bacon-egg-cheese-kaiser-roll. This morning was no difference. That's how we roll.
Up at 1am on the day I was finally planning to go on a walk with my camera and do some photography again.. Feeling somewhat demotivated to keep trying as it's like I'm self-sabotaging. But hey, if you're not ready for something, then you're just not ready I suppose. Even if being 'ready' is just being in the mood.
Doing things alone is hard. I am working on a Halloween mask and I am loosing my mojo too. Darn weather.
Hi everyone! I hope people had a good weekend :) I would like to let you know that the little "Subreply Book Club" is coming to the end of our first read-through. The book we are reading is "The Three-Body Problem" by Cixin Liu. If you would like to join us, we will have an exchange about the book after this week. If you've read the book before then feel free to join in to share your thoughts :) goodreads.com/grou...
Excellent choice. Read it a while ago. I'll join discussion next week.
This is really handy!
Cool site. I remember a radio interview with a list-broker (the people that sells your info). When asked: "Can I be removed from your list?". He answered: "The best I can do is put you in the list of people that wished to be removed"
What is your text editor of choice? I'm a Sublime Text kinda guy. :)
vim. I installed a trial of pyCharm for my python projects. Jetbrains want 8 dlls a month for the right to use pyCharm. I have to admit, it's super complete (indexing, in-line debugging, the works).
After two years of no resets, my wireless router has died. The 4G hotspot saved me until I receive a new router. I can stream local TV at 180p. :)
2 years is a short span for a router. I upgraded to a 5G Tp-Link Archer C50 last year. It's okay. The old one still runs as a backup (5 years old).
What is your RSS Reader of choice? Currently using Inoreader, but wondering about alternatives.
I used Feedbro browser extension (add-on).
"Be nice to people on the way up; because you just might meet them on the way down." What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
"Know your future self" Not necessarily the best advice ever but one that becomes more and more relevant with age.
I am in the same boat. Any chair recommendations?
The Aeron chair is "the-one" but it cost and arm and a leg($400 US DLLS used). Avoid the knee-char, it's bad. The trick is a chair that moves with you, slick wheels and generous back that allows you to slouch. Check for chairs with a smooth rocking motion when you lean back. Avoid any chair that makes you feel you are nailed to it (no motion).
My neck is so sore. My WFH set up is sub par at best...
My neck pains at work usually relate to tension in my back. A good chair makes a difference. Even a yoga ball.
Hello. I only loosely understand the history of open source so I am asking this completely from a place of curiosity. Why should? What would this do? Do developers owe extra work to others? Is it just generally the appropriate thing to do with a creation like Subreply? Thank you.
When a project goes open source also has the benefit of the technology of it to continue thriving if the current owner of the project no longer can or wishes to maintain it.
Watching the Challenger series on Netflix while I work out. In the second episode they mention that 11,000 school teachers applied to fly on the space shuttle. This makes me think I've probably underrated how much latent interest there is, by the average individual, in being on the frontier, even despite substantial risk. Moreover, how much people desire to undertake 'quests' of a sort. Under the right circumstances, genuine colonization of mars seems more probable to me now
Sitting on top of a booster rocket is sitting on top of a bomb. The Space Shuttle program in my view helped to push the pause button on NASA manned missions. Let the rovers do the risky stuff. Lets ground our ego's.
Got my first feedback after a failed interview. Have you received any?
Yes, it said, "I did not looked excited". I am glad they rejected me. I would have been on me If they have accepted me and then I wanted to leave because they were too much of a jolly bunch.