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The failure is that a large amount of people do not agree on the results of the election. Legal merit isn't the point. There is a huge divide and there should have been a better effort to get everyone on the same page. A meaningful case before the SC would have made a difference in that even if it was tossed out (after voices were heard).
If anything the elections were a success in the sense that more people voted than ever. The states adjusted to the the pandemic and there were many safeguards to prevent fraud. There is no cogent argument/evidence that points to the elections being rigged or favoring a giving candidate. It's legitimacy of the elections are evident by self inspection.
Indeed. I wonder and it's a bit off topic. Why not couple the electronic vote with a paper copy? You go to your voting place. ID check of course. Go to your booth. Select your e-candidate AND the electronic machine print out a copy of your vote (with some additional mark for traceability). And you give that copy like a traditional bulletin. If the electronic votes match the paper count, you're good. Wouldn't that render any fraud much more complicated? Or is it a stupid idea?
What failure are we speaking off? The election was held according to the rules of each state. These are the United States, not the Federation of States. One state calling foul on another can happen and the evidence Texas presented against PA was laughable. Nothing to see, move on. Nobody was denied due process.
Ha. Good point
A few days ago we descended from 1984 to The Lord of The Flies.
I couldn't agree more. Doom scrolling is the devil's work.
there's a great book to be written on the economic impact of rails. i'd love to see a side by side graph showing rails adoption and the number of launched startups
Rails was so popular that people started mistaking Rails with Ruby as in: "I program in Rails". For some unknown reason to me did not embed in the internals of Linux distributions, it was always an option, like Lisp.
Today I found a book entitled: 'Thog's Guide to Quantum Economics' (amazon.com/Thogs-G...). Even odder than the title is that it was written by two (presumably?) sane people: a professor of accounting at USC and the former chairman of the NASDAQ, who was also CFO at Microsoft. What?!? Anyway, that's what I'm reading tonight lmao
For mathematics and physics to map 1-1 to economics we must posit humans to be rational in nature. They aren't. Physics is to economics what astronomy is to astrology :)
currently refreshing my website and resume, I'm looking for some fresh air (:
I made Thai chicken yesterday and came out superb. I had to go to the Asian market to find Woodear mushrooms and fish sauce.
It will be nice if Apple could scale M1 to other Macs: 2x M1 in MBP 16 and iMac, 4x and 8x M1 in Mac Pro. Maybe even a 2x M1 Mac mini.
I am more excited with Risc V that M1. Apple vertical grow soon will have us all paying a a monthly fee just to be able to turn on our superfast Apple devices. And the kicker is, people will pay. He he.
loving the minimal vibes here!
I'm voluntarily traveling to see family during the worst COVID outbreak yet. My mental health has had a profound effect on my ability to work, and I'm starting a new job, and I can't afford to let my mental health suffer in the transition.
Contagious diseases prevail on the historical proven vectors of the primordial behavior of the host.
Where is the best place to decipher clutter and find access to good deals on computer components? used, new. lots. more. lol thanks
This is such a StackOverflow comment. "I want to learn C" "Don't learn C, learn C++".
I like old English music. Anything from ABBA to Iron Maiden :)
I thought I was one of those introverts who would do perfectly fine by himself. Joining a new company at the beginning of the lockdown has shown me that screen time is possibly the worst way to have social interaction. I don't know anyone properly anymore. Feels really bad.
Turns out that all the anxiety of missing out fun and trying to improve my lifestyle was put on hold effectively making me pay more attention on my current relationships which I unconsciously neglected. Wanting less made me happier.
Becoming older is interesting. I just realised that I haven't had a bath in nearly 10 years, just showers. Haven't had a cup of tea in 5 years either, mostly just water or juices. It's like I've quit things but instead of making a point to stop, you just kinda forget to do it for a decade
I just discovered after many years (around 20) of not having flan, how much I enjoy the thing. Now I'm having at least one every week.
I looked into Zig today but even the HelloWorld changes in each version because they can't decide on the naming. Sorry, I have to wait for the 1.0 then.
Zig tries to be an alternative to C which is daunting, to say the least. I want to experiment with Zig to sharpen low level skills.