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Something even more inconsequential and maybe a bit related to that bothers me: why so many Americans pronounce the word nuclear, "nucular"? It's very stupid and drives me crazy... How in the world the syllabes nu-cle-ar get transformed into nu-cu-lar? You don't pronounce the word clear, "cular", do you? It makes zero sense and I even heard that pronunciation from some scientists, which is pretty... Baffling. Whatever...
Aaand the billion thing. I learned to be a one with 12 zeroes to the right and when going to school in the US turns out they say is a 1 with 9 zeroes to the right...what gives? My conspiracy theory is that rich people and governments don't want to say they have a thousand millions so they altered to mean a billion as an euphemism to disguise their filthy decadent ways.
I actually love that! Have you created a bookmark to get to that? Really smart.
I have multiple bookmarks with different font sizes and colors. The browser spell-checks and can be printed in a jiffy. It does wonders when I try to show text to a co-worker looking over my shoulder.
What's your favorite text editor?
my favorite editor[copy paste in your favorite browser url bar] data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="background-color:white;color:black; font: 2rem/1.5 monospace;max-width:60rem color:white ;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;">
Well, I don't think the "if they can also have it, then no one can" is the reason why now. I feel the racial angle (which is destroying everything MLK has done for your country) is used by every ethnicity & gender to mask what is becoming unsustainable : politicians (Dem/Rep) being lobbied for decades by insurance companies so the latter can get their ways in dragging US citizens down in debt for their health. Everyone knows who wins in this and it's not your everyday Joe...
People in Alabama, from all places, were against Obamacare. The way it reads to me is like this: If the government is going to force me to pay for Insurance, I don't want Insurance at all, not for me or anyone. Just like ff the government is forcing me to share the pool with not-Lawrence-Welks-Show-fans, I don't want that pool at all. There is no solidarity. Sorry about the obscure Lawrence Welks Show reference.
The non-corrupt government is the tricky part. But yes, important sectors that will ensure the projection of your population decades in the future (health, education, energy, transportation) should be managed with the very long term in mind...
You hit the nail in the head. We as a society here in the US don't see eye to eye on how the future of the US should look like: Like a Vegas Casino or NY Fine Arts museum. In the former, if you are a nobody with lots of money you make the rules, in the latter if you have money AND connections, you make the rules. We battle on "Drain Pool Politics. nytimes.com/2021/0... and pay the price for it.
This is fairly fascinating: youtu.be/_WsgJznDV.... To me this implies that non-professional, or even pre-programmed surgery is right around the corner. pretty cyberpunk actually
Fascinating. The average bypass surgery in the USA is 123K DLLS. With insurance people here end with a 40K 50K dollar tab on you way out of the Hospital. Hopefully the DaVinci machine brings the price down.
How often do you check subreply?
3 to 4 days a week. give or take along with lobste.rs and hackernews
The failure is that a large amount of people do not agree on the results of the election. Legal merit isn't the point. There is a huge divide and there should have been a better effort to get everyone on the same page. A meaningful case before the SC would have made a difference in that even if it was tossed out (after voices were heard).
If anything the elections were a success in the sense that more people voted than ever. The states adjusted to the the pandemic and there were many safeguards to prevent fraud. There is no cogent argument/evidence that points to the elections being rigged or favoring a giving candidate. It's legitimacy of the elections are evident by self inspection.
Indeed. I wonder and it's a bit off topic. Why not couple the electronic vote with a paper copy? You go to your voting place. ID check of course. Go to your booth. Select your e-candidate AND the electronic machine print out a copy of your vote (with some additional mark for traceability). And you give that copy like a traditional bulletin. If the electronic votes match the paper count, you're good. Wouldn't that render any fraud much more complicated? Or is it a stupid idea?
What failure are we speaking off? The election was held according to the rules of each state. These are the United States, not the Federation of States. One state calling foul on another can happen and the evidence Texas presented against PA was laughable. Nothing to see, move on. Nobody was denied due process.
Ha. Good point
A few days ago we descended from 1984 to The Lord of The Flies.
I couldn't agree more. Doom scrolling is the devil's work.
there's a great book to be written on the economic impact of rails. i'd love to see a side by side graph showing rails adoption and the number of launched startups
Rails was so popular that people started mistaking Rails with Ruby as in: "I program in Rails". For some unknown reason to me did not embed in the internals of Linux distributions, it was always an option, like Lisp.
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