Cole Hudson This is fairly fascinating: To me this implies that non-professional, or even pre-programmed surgery is right around the corner. pretty cyberpunk actually
😃💬 Javier Fascinating. The average bypass surgery in the USA is 123K DLLS. With insurance people here end with a 40K 50K dollar tab on you way out of the Hospital. Hopefully the DaVinci machine brings the price down.
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☕✍️ David Antoine 50K with insurance for a bypass? Frightening. That's not even what most people earn in a year here in Belgium... Incredible how the human body and its parts are monetized in the US by insurance companies... You could use a revamp of your health care system honestly. Is it because you would rather give the power to those companies than to the government? I don't know why it's so controversial. And interesting at the same time...
🌲 Trees healthcare is free in russia, but my family has had to pay more than $6k (an arm and a leg by russian standards) in bribes to heal my broken leg and i still can't walk, three years after the accident happened
Cole Hudson Indeed, a possible future: a low-cost MRI or CT-scan creates a virtual representation of some part of your body, you or a specialist (that could incidentally be remote in time and/or place) performs some task, say surgery, on the virtual body until a successful sequence of steps is found. The system records while you debug and carries out the finalized procedure on the real body. Lots of interesting things to do with a platform sitting between the surgeon and the patient.