Zero Edge The failure of this election (no firm consenus) entirely rests on the supreme court. Whether or not there is or was legal merit a look at the case and a ruling from the supreme court would have brought better clarity to the matter. Texas vs Pennsylvania should have happend and it is a failure of duty on the supreme court.
☕✍️ David Antoine Indeed. I wonder and it's a bit off topic. Why not couple the electronic vote with a paper copy? You go to your voting place. ID check of course. Go to your booth. Select your e-candidate AND the electronic machine print out a copy of your vote (with some additional mark for traceability). And you give that copy like a traditional bulletin. If the electronic votes match the paper count, you're good. Wouldn't that render any fraud much more complicated? Or is it a stupid idea?
😃💬 Javier What failure are we speaking off? The election was held according to the rules of each state. These are the United States, not the Federation of States. One state calling foul on another can happen and the evidence Texas presented against PA was laughable. Nothing to see, move on. Nobody was denied due process.
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Zero Edge The failure is that a large amount of people do not agree on the results of the election. Legal merit isn't the point. There is a huge divide and there should have been a better effort to get everyone on the same page. A meaningful case before the SC would have made a difference in that even if it was tossed out (after voices were heard).
😃💬 Javier If anything the elections were a success in the sense that more people voted than ever. The states adjusted to the the pandemic and there were many safeguards to prevent fraud. There is no cogent argument/evidence that points to the elections being rigged or favoring a giving candidate. It's legitimacy of the elections are evident by self inspection.