Feeling super happy. I just found a reference that says _exactly_ what I want to claim in a paper: electric motors are getting better thanks to multiphysics simulation. Thank you IEEE! spectrum.ieee.org/...
Nice! What paper are you trying to write?
Hi! It is a comparison of electric motors and other types of actuators. Essentially, electric motors are getting better and better, to the point that they can replace things like brakes. That is to say, motors are more power and torque dense than traditional brakes. I needed a reference that proves what my advisor had told me: motors are getting better thanks for multiphysics modeling and simulation tools.
Aircrafts are a good example of electric parts replacing hydraulic systems. Landing gears are electric motors.
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Wow. TIL, I always assumed there was actually liquid flowing through whenever I hear the PTU
That's a great example as well, thank you for the information :)