What is your best kept secret life hack? Mine: if you're feeling sick (high fever, food poisoning, etc) and don't drink coke regularly, a half litter of frizzy full sugar coke and a pan fried piece of bread (naan works well) will do you miracles
Skip meals every now and then. Learn to tame your hunger.
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In my experience, the interesting thing is to get back in touch with what it feels like to actually be hungry. More often than not, I realize I'm not eating to feed myself but just out of habit or to tame adverse feelings instead. Going for chocolate now. BRB.
Fat burning beast.
Reducing portion sizes and learning to accept that a meal doesn't always need to make you feel full helped me maintain my weight.
Agreed, it always surprises me when I have lunch with my parents and notice how much less I eat now. I enjoy feeling hungry before eating.
Not overeating is one of the ikigai diet principles - people with ikigai in their life tend to live very long mindfood.com/artic...