🧐 Nrmn Hello everyone. How's your week until now?
🗨️ Fui Good enough so far. Though I hope it will be better once I receive my first mechanical keyboard. I had been eyeing one for years and I finally decided it was about time to make that happen. So I anticipate I'll be drunk on excitement for the next days. And then I'll tell you: yeah, it's pretty awesome!
🧐 Nrmn Great, which Keyboard did you get?
🗨️ Fui Nothing fancy. Entry level. But with blue switches! And since the delivery gods decided to shine their graces upon me, I already have it with me. My verdict? Super satisfactory. So, in light of this, I can now reply to your original question: how's my week thus far? I can now confidently, and mechanically, reply: definitely awesome!
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🦝 Wojciech I have a keyboard with CherryMX Blues, and I think I am actually faster still at laptop-like keyboards, but it is SO MUCH more satisfying. It's like popping bubble wrap, but it doesn't run out.
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🗨️ Fui Lol!! Loved the image! Now I'll be endlessly popping up bubble wrap thanks to you!
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