🦝 Wojciech How do I start enjoying being productive instead of forcing myself do do stuff? I like making things, but it's hard for it to compete with easy entertainment like Netflix and social media...
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🎈 Alex Alksne Your environment shapes your thoughts and behaviours - your thoughts and behaviours shape your environment. It's easier to be productive when your environment naturally pushes you towards it - for me Reddit and Facebook are guilty pleasures and I can lose hours to them instead of working on my side projects. I deleted them which anecdotally has helped me focus my attention enough that I have started making more progress on the things that bring me joy in the long term.
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🦝 Wojciech It's so easy to get back on them, even when you delete them though. It's hard to do something you yourself can't override.
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🌮 Hejo Remember 'why' you work on something. Money alone is a weak motivator (at least for me), but financial freedom, to be able to provide for family and friends, more traveling, and so on, are on the other hand pretty good reasons to work on something. But it depends on the project/ goal you have in mind.
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🛡️ Cyrano I'm currently in the same situation too. Though for me, I feel like I'm spreading myself thin by being productive in too much things at once. Work, learning how to make a game, learning morse code, contributing to an open source project, etc...
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Alex i find just having a few days forced break from all forms of easy entertainment f-5's my brain. no compromises, delete the app if you have to
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🦄 Chip Uni The world is in the middle of the worst pandemic of the last one hundred years. You're not going to be creative when you're worried about your life. Be kind to yourself.
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⌨️ Joseph You could try a dopamine detox. I have never done one, but some folks claim they are a good way to help you enjoy working on activities that are a little harder to get started. YMMV.
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Miso Don't worry too much about being creating. Find something you are passionate about -- i guarantee you'll be doing it way more than going on netflix :)
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Sergiusz Every evening I think if I did something creative this day and what I will be doing tomorrow. Skateboarding may be creative, code may be creative. Then it just flow somehow
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