🦝 Wojciech I had to switch to Gnome temporarily for Mathematica, because on i3wm the cursor disappears.
☕ David Antoine What's your distribution, out of curiosity?
2y, 12w 5 replies
🦝 Wojciech Well, Arch. Yours?
2y, 12w 4 replies
☕ David Antoine The lazy way, MX Linux 19... With just a small tweak to the Compton config file to avoid screen tearing.
2y, 12w 3 replies
🦝 Wojciech Ah, interesting. I didn't know about that one. Is it Debian based?
2y, 12w 2 replies
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☕ David Antoine Yes Debian 10 stable branch... Runs very well on the old ten years old Toshiba laptop I use for the time being. I've had a MacBook Pro, ran ten years like a champ then died. Would like to go back to Apple but I may want to hold off until they release their ARM models... Or I may go for a Dell XPS. I don't know....
2y, 12w 1 reply
🦝 Wojciech All I can say - avoid the new ThinkPads :) they are not how they used to be...
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