~30 y/o male based in Berlin but home to the world
♟️ Nathan Knight to f3
Amrita digging into openstreetmap for a project, exciting
♟️ Nathan Share your project once done!
🏒 Lucian Marin I want to improve profile details. What do you think is relevant?
♟️ Nathan I'd love to see Fedi included
♟️ Nathan I wonder if anyone ever on Subreply actually gave their PayPal in the Social section
🏒 Lucian Marin I want to improve profile details. What do you think is relevant?
Zero Edge The point was that the world as we know it would end. Basically that tyranny will win at that point.
♟️ Nathan Yeah I just don't think so. Except some minor backlashes on the way, human civilization as a whole has been constantly improving. We're evolving as a species biologically and culturally and so far managed to cope with all challenges. Empirically it's just very unlikely for the world to end in dystopia.
Zero Edge Can't wait for the dystopia future the G20 want to usher in. Double down on their failed strategies. Never admit they are wrong. Under G20's brilliant ideas, during the next pandemic the world we know will be over. It will be complete tyranny and no one will stop them. Vaccine Passports = The End.... I mean these pricks are so arrogant what would they do if this vaccine was actually "bad"? I have no doubt they would let people die instead of sacrificing their pride and admit the "horrible unvaccinated" were right... How anyone can trust this group of absolute baboons I have no idea.
♟️ Nathan I have witnessed too many 'the world as we know it will end' predictions over the course of my life to believe this time it's actually going to be the tipping point.
♦️ Robert Blinov Fell into a rabbit hole yesterday evening. Oddly enough, everything I've read on that website so far actually makes sense and does not contradict any of my existing beliefs. familyoftaygeta.com
♟️ Nathan Been skimming through some pages. It seems like an update to Scientology mythology but cheaper.
♟️ Nathan Windows 11 sure did introduce new and innovative ways to open Bing accidentally.
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👹 Johanan Ottensooser Nice. Buffy the Vampire Slayer next?
♟️ Nathan First snow in Berlin
Friend Howdy y'all
♟️ Nathan Howdy back, Friend
Zero Edge Trust God. Don't use God.
♟️ Nathan I've heard the saying 'Trust in Allah. But first, tie your camel.'
😀 Tom I think it's a joke on "cookies".
♟️ Nathan This 😃Tom is quite the sly fox
♟️ Nathan Do British websites use biscuits?
🏒 Lucian Marin I don't know, but this website use one whole grain biscuit.
♟️ Nathan social media should be called media of solitude