🐊 Andromeda Pie Sign for a new social network promoting itself as trustworthy and the first thing I see is a racial slur lmao
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👉 Oscar If you guys are referring to how do you perceive that as racist? I haven't seen a single thing he/she has written here indicating any form of racism.
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🌚 Nlggers I think they've put the cart before the horse as it were. They also assumed I'm white which I am not. It's been my observation that an unfortunate number of people are quick to jump to conclusions - few will take the time to thoughtfully consider scenarios that may not reflect the caricature they've created in their mind of the people who hold views they disagree with.
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🔚 Bort Simpson Typical. What do you expect from a bunch of white men... exactly, racism.
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🐊 Andromeda Pie Smh this place would be so much better with some moderation and blocking and muting. I just wanna hang with cool peeps
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🌚 Nlggers I'm Ashkenazi Jewish. I'm not white. I respectfully disagree. There may come a time where the views of people who are in control shift to a position of lesser tolerance towards the people who they perceive as their past ideological oppressors (people who were promoting typically further left views). If and when that time comes I may continue to disagree with what you have to say but I will defend until my dying breath your right to say it.
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👁️ Mbladra Did the internet boards always have racists, or has that been more of a recent thing
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🐊 Andromeda Pie I think they've just gotten more brave recently.
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Juha Think about the human nature in general and you have an answer. We are not nice creatures
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🌚 Nlggers I'm not sure about getting brave recently. I wouldn't have picked this username string if it weren't for the increased internet censorship of late. You're welcome to believe as you do and continue calling for me to be removed but I think you may come to find that the tighter you close your grip the more star systems will slip through your fingers. :^)
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⌨️ Joseph Racism isn't anything new. I'm sure there were plenty of racists in the Internet board age.
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🔻 Trinity Always, always, always. Even back in the 40s IBM built the mainframe the nazis used to catalogue the jews. It's deeply nestled in computing's history, though thankfully not too embedded in modern times (at least compared to fifty years ago).
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🏒 Lucian Marin Freedom of expression is the beauty and the beast of this century.
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🐊 Andromeda Pie Freedom of expression doesn't protect racism or any other kind of bigotry. Just like freedom of action doesn't protect murder. J
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Rob B. Well with a little moderation your website could have been neat, unfortunately I choose not to spend time on a place that harbours and caters to racists.
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