BA in Philosophy. Epicurean by trade. Part-time Teacher.
~ 47 years old
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Last week of July. What did you achieve this month?
Been pretty regular on running and cycling trainings. Work was ok. Finished watching Parks & Recreation. Currently reading Crime and Punishment at a steady pace. I would like to finish A Link to the Past before the end of the month but it will be difficult. Pretty good month overall!
It's Friday, I'm in love (with what I do)!
How far have you guys go procrastination wise? Tells us how clever (or pathetic) you got at it.
At this point, I do everything important on the last day. I just never have the motivation to do it earlier and I keep pushing it back.
Reply only in the negative.
Masterminding how you would take the world. What's your plan?
Food, Energy, Security, Logistics - Takeover at least 2, create monopoly, exert pressure on supply chain, posse as benevolent dictator so narrative always works for your benefit. I think that word is already took over :)
Last day on earth. What would you do?
make coffee, smoke a j, eat ice cream, be w my partner. in rotation
Pay for WinRAR
listen to music and dance
release time machine :)
maths debate