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Well at leat gold is physical (unless you opt for trading). I would rather have gold hidden somewhere than virtual money, which in a sense is already the case with our standard monetary system so... Yeah, let's be happy with what we have. Some people having nothing...
And after this terrible year, we're still alive so gold or crypto money, is it so important ?
socialism didn't fail. europe is very socialist. free healthcare, free education, welfare - are all socialist policies
Hum in Europe, it's more social democratic policies than true socialism. The term welfare was initially applied to Roosevelt's New Deal and british government program at the end of WW2,it can't be called socialism. But yes in France, the Mitterrand era was qualified of socialism.
Money = motivation in capitalism. What motivation mechanisms are there with socialism? I would think that part of the reason we have advanced so far in the past few hundred years is largely because of the motivations provided by capitalism. Can it go too far? Obviously.. True capitalism means monopolies..
You're right. Strange thing : free competition is a basis of capitalism but it tends to be monopolistic, even if deregulated. In USSR, it was a state capitalism, a so-called socialism which had failed.
I found Zenit Launcher and paid for full version. Now I have 5 apps in Dock, 2 pages of 6x5 apps and room for another 5 apps. Hiding apps I can't disable or uninstall is nice!
Download the apk. It looks good but i can't upgrade because i don't have the Play Store.
I want a launcher for Android that has the app drawer as home screen and lets me hide certain apps.
You can have this with Bliss Launcher (for /e/). But you can't hide certain apps (or i don't know how to do this)
Is the United States more religious than Europe? My understanding is that Europe is broadly-but-casually religious whereas the US is specifically-but-actively religious, e.g. France vs the Bible Belt. Curious because I heard an argument attributing the prevalence of religion as inversely proportional to the size of a societies social safety net.
In France, since 1905, we have a strong secularism (french secularism). Step by step people lost faith. But since twenty years, there is a revival, especially worn by the Muslim community. The new fashionable term is spirituality, not really faith but believe in some spirit, theism or pantheism. French people reject mainly the Church as an institution not religion
Indeed it was quite a load !
Problem solved : boot on USB drive (HDD) with a disk encryption (luks).
Which book? I wouldn't mind checking it out.
Minority Report (a short story), Faith of Our Fathers (another short story), A Scanner Darkly (novel), The Penultimate Truth (novel)
my Raspberry Pi 2 is running my RSS reader (miniflux) from 2019-09-18 without any problem (and some other apps before that) dooes I have good luck or did you have bad luck ?
I think this is not bad luck but a lot of read / write operations (SD cards have a limit). With Nextcloud, Wordpress, Joomla, ... and a mail server, that was not the best option
1984 should be mandatory reading for everyone.
Philip K Dick seems to be mandatory too and a little bit more relevant than Orwell
I submitted an update to the Play Store: (1.0.3). Dark mode will work on Android 10 and up.
anyone running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi? what's the easiest way to get it up and running fast? I got me an 8GB model with an external SSD.
Yes ! with Archlinux ARM on PI 4, 2 GB model with 128 GB SD Card. Minimal config. With your device's configuration, it could be easy to setup Nextcloud. I don't see any package for installation (or a snap package maybe)
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