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~ 45 years old from France
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Six months since lockdown started here. We have probably got at least six more months of restrictions. How about you?
Total lockdown during 4 months, after, a summer with restrictions but free to move anywhere and since 3 weeks, lockdown for social activities (sport, restaurants, bars,...) but you're free to work. I don't understand the way of political decisions in France
best storage for a Raspberry Pi if I want to host web applications? wondering how viable an SD card/flash drive/2.5 SSD are. I'm thinking of getting an external enclosure for a 2.5 SSD i have lying around and using that, but not sure how each compares.
I host web applications (Nextcloud, Wordpress, ...) on my rasp with an SD card (128 Go) for the moment. It's not the best i know but working well. If i buy next year the 4 Go RAM version, i'll be interested in using a SSD.
E-mail sounds like a challenge, if it's true what everybody says about it. Maybe write a journal on that so others, myself included, can learn! ;)
It's a good idea, i'll get back soon on the subject !
I just created my own VPS and I'm hosting TheLounge and AdGuard Home. Do you self-host? What do you self-host?
I host Nextcloud, GLPI (computer park software), pi-hole, wordpress (my blog) and soon my own mail server
This! Also, systemd allows you to check on it a lot easier, I think with systemctl list-timers.
Ah ? Ok i'll check this. Thanks !
Is adblock stealing? Do you use adblock? Why? Sure, advertisers don't have the right to your attention, but don't the content creators have the right to your financial support?
Pi-hole, Google search filter, uBlock, ... all of that let me free from ads (not at all). Ad is a problem because it make us like sheeps. Ethical ad is a non sense to me. In France, a lot of new internet newspapers works without advertising (subcriptions only). I think the problem is not ad but services without charge. I know a lot of people can't pay but it's part of the problem
Yes, I know the calibre plugin that does the deDRMing, great software. :) But I don't know of any way to bypass the ADE... It's not really a problem though, I was just interested if there was a tool for that already
OK sorry. I don't think there are other tools that can read .acsm files. This is the problem, we're depend on ADE. The only way : e-books editors should stop to use this format, ... but in my dreams or with calibre :-)
There's no way to do so without the (windows only) ADE binary, right?
Yes because the DeDRM extension needs an epub from ADE binary (this tool take the .acsm file and create the .epub file). If you have kindle books, it works too but unfortunately i don't have the detailed process
Do you mind asking me what you use your raspberry pi for that you have data to backup? Yes, I wouldn't use a GAFAM cloud without encryption either. HDDs are cheaper for the same amount of storage volume (and speed isn't really that important for backups), but don't they also break more easily than SSDs?
You're right and i use an old HDD from my previous server. It's not safe as a SSD i know but as you said it's cheaper and i don't have enough money actually
Cron job for automatic renewal of SSL certificate: 0 0 1 */1 * certbot renew --renew-hook "systemctl reload nginx". We will see if it works in the coming months.
I create systemd timer to renew my certbot certificates because i had problems with cron.
What's your setup for personal backups? I've just started using restic on an old HDD I found, still looking for a good (cheap) SSD to buy. I think I should use at least two hard drives for backups, maybe even do some fancy RAID... By the way, this post serves as a REMINDER TO DO YOUR BACKUPS!
I use Restic to backup my RaspPi and PCs. I don't trust cloud solutions from GAFAM (i prefer Nextcloud) so i have two external HDD, so far so good...
I'm only beginning to explore Boards of Canada. Love them so far! I really like Dayvan Cowboy and Chromakey Dreamcoat. Would love to hear your recommendations!
Try Fila Brazillia if you like BoC, the 90's english trip-hop groups
Tout a fait, suffisance qui marque souvent une certaine ignorance ou simplement un manque d'habilete en ce qui concerne la facon d'engager une discussion productive avec quelqu'un. Mais honnetement je ne vois pas beaucoup de cela sur Subreply... C'est une communaute plutot tranquille et bien eduquee je dirais... Dans un tout autre sujet, l'absence de caracteres speciaux pour le francais me rend dingue :) Je veux mes accents aigus, graves, circonflexes, etc!
Oui j'ai remarque :) C'est parametre pour la langue anglaise :) Esperons que Subreply s'enrichisse d'utilisateurs s'exprimant dans d'autres langues ce qui permettra la prise en compte des caracteres speciaux de chacune
ce n'est pas l'envie qui manque dans mon cas, mais j'ai parfopis l'impression de ne pas avoir d'opinion ou de ne pas savoir me placer dans le spectre, du coup je n'interviens pas..
Parfois c'est le ton et la suffisance de certains qui nous empechent d'intervenir. Je pense que vous avez des idees, des opinions qui meritent d'etre partagees et peu importe la forme dans laquelle elles sont exprimees. Comme le dit justement Subreply est un environnement engageant a l'inverse de FB et Twitter
PHEW! That sounds pretty awful. Is climate change action a priority for your local and national authorities?
Yes like most countries in the world, but it's slow and difficult because we see in summer the effects of global warming but for people it's like business as usual including french authorities.
How hot does it get where you live during the summer? We had a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius today, and let me tell you, we're just not used to that kind of heat here in London, UK!
38 degrees Celsius near Toulouse, France. For this country, it's high, usually, we have 30 to 33 degrees.