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I found an android app ulogger. You can have the history of your GPS tracks, stored on your own server. Easy to configure and use but minimal.
Reuse of my Nexus 7 2013 LTE with LineageOS 16 (Android 9). I read my e-books and do some stuff with a seven years old device, great ! I avoid Gapps to be Google free
I have to get around to rooting my 7 2013 again, I put Kali Nethunter on it for lulz and it sucked (no multitouch, few gestures, etc).
I watch the first episode of The Virtues, pretty good drama with Stephen Graham (saw in Boardwalk Empire). Can't wait to see more
If you can find the books of Gilbert Simondon, a french philosopher, translated in english, do not hesitate to read them. He worked on individuation and technology. I find an article about his philosophy : I think read GS provide some keys to understand what computing means today.
Un point de vue sur The Social Dilemma diffuse sur Netflix : (en francais)
Cryptpad : a good solution to work on text documents, spreadsheets, ... in a trusted environment (an admin can't access to the encrypted data). I had some difficulties to setup it on my server, due to a little knowledge of Node.js. But for the Nginx configuration, i learnt a lot of things especially how to prevent Cross-site scripting attacks.
Try this Firefox extension (also available on Chrome and Edge) : Privacy Redirect. It redirect the queries from social networks to Nitter, Invidious, OpenStreetMap, ... A further step to keep our personal data safe
I found a way to break DRMs on e-books which needs ADE on Linux (.acsm extension). Tools : Wine (for Windows Programs), ADE 2.0.1, Calibre with DeDRM extension. Perfect
There's no way to do so without the (windows only) ADE binary, right?
DRM on e-books sucks ! I can't read them on Calibre must use this shit : ADE
Artificial Idiocy, the new way to make money in the digital
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