in the middle of the night with my tagada
~ 46 years old in Toulouse, France
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One month and a half with a Gigaset GS290, Android /e/ (based on LineageOS). The only but normal problem is the lack of Google Play Services, needed for some apps. Being released from Google, not so easy
Damned ! Don't use a SD card for a Raspberry Pi especially to build a server, mine break up after 1 year and a half. I'm probably the only one to ignore that :-) Shame on me.
my Raspberry Pi 2 is running my RSS reader (miniflux) from 2019-09-18 without any problem (and some other apps before that) dooes I have good luck or did you have bad luck ?
Happy new year !! (yes in France :-) )
Tried to install Crowdsec (similar to Fail2ban, wrote in Go) but it failed on Archlinux ARM. The binary doesn't work on ArchARM until now. Looking forward a new version working on this environment.
Setup a mail server done ! I wrote an article on my blog explaining the different steps to follow : (In french, sorry)
Lockdown in France ! Winter is coming...
I found an android app ulogger. You can have the history of your GPS tracks, stored on your own server. Easy to configure and use but minimal.
Reuse of my Nexus 7 2013 LTE with LineageOS 16 (Android 9). I read my e-books and do some stuff with a seven years old device, great ! I avoid Gapps to be Google free
I have to get around to rooting my 7 2013 again, I put Kali Nethunter on it for lulz and it sucked (no multitouch, few gestures, etc).
I watch the first episode of The Virtues, pretty good drama with Stephen Graham (saw in Boardwalk Empire). Can't wait to see more
If you can find the books of Gilbert Simondon, a french philosopher, translated in english, do not hesitate to read them. He worked on individuation and technology. I find an article about his philosophy : I think read GS provide some keys to understand what computing means today.
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